Portfolio overview

The Company provides investors with access to a portfolio currently comprising 34 companies actively managed by an experienced and well-resourced Manager.

HgCapital Trust plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange (HGT.L) and invests primarily in a portfolio of unquoted businesses identified by HgCapital, who normally acquire a majority stake. An investment in the Company offers exposure to a fast-growing portfolio of more than thirty businesses with consistent strong growth in sales and EBITDA, and high cash generation. The top 20 buyout investments currently account for 83% of the portfolio value. These companies have seen aggregate sales of £2.7 billion and EBITDA of £650 million over 2016, with EBITDA margins of 24%.

By taking majority shareholdings in the businesses in which it invests, HgCapital can actively support management and help implement change that can add shareholder value. These investments are funded by the Company alongside Limited Partnership Funds that HgCapital raises from institutional investors; the Company is HgCapital’s largest client and is therefore a key investor in each business.

HgCapital is a long-established and independent partnership that brings together operational and financial management skills. It has a significant track record of using a deep sector focus to identify businesses with specific business models that can perform well across the economic cycle. HgCapital specialises in technology-related and technology-enabled service companies with enterprise values of between £20 million and £500 million primarily, but not exclusively, in Northern Europe.

The HgCapital team have extensive experience in these sectors and geographies and can apply the firm’s knowledge to effect both strategic and operational change, and portfolio experience to help create a collaborative community of businesses with shared experience, to enhance growth.

Top 20 Buyout Investments