The Industrials team is focused on partnering with growth businesses within Europe and in particular in the German market, which is characterised by a large number of highly successful, family-owned businesses (the "Mittelstand").

We have earned a reputation as a preferred partner for many Mittelstand companies, having supported the management of a number of these hidden champions to scale up into international businesses. The Industrials Team, based in Munich, is located in the heart of an economic zone containing numerous high-quality, cutting-edge, technology-led industrial businesses, many of which have strong national or international positions in a specific niche sector, with the opportunity to achieve further scale. Our thematic research within this sector has been concentrated over many years on the characteristics that define a strong industrial investment. As a result, we have developed certain themes that we regard as particularly attractive: aftermarket companies; product champions/niche manufacturers; c-part specialists; and smart distribution models.

These themes are overlaid with specific industrial sub-sectors where we have a strong understanding.

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